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Majestic Theatre, Masterton - HOLIDAY PRODUCTIONS
Jock and the Christmas Fairy (22/12)

Play Synopsis

Jock and his Mother are so poor that Jock is forced to pawn his Mothers precious silver bell for food for Christmas. But instead of getting money, Jock swaps it for a pine cone that is said to be magic! Naturally, Jock’s Mother is very angry and throws the pine cone out the window and sends Jock to bed without any dinner. The twists in this very funny quirky fantasy begin when Jock is woken by a Christmas pudding and a Christmas bell that talk! They need Jock’s help to rescue the Christmas fairy who has been kidnapped by the wicked Fairy Queen Titania and her minions Karawan and Kererbos. As Jock sets out on his quest to rescue the Christmas Fairy he discovers that the land of clouds is not all it seems. How will he deal with Christmas Pudding Eaters with riddles on their minds and wicked fairies who are determined to perform clapperectomies on every Christmas bell in the world? Amazing costumes and fabulous roles for boys and girls.
Multi-Day 9:00 to 3:00
Deborah Percy
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